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Bánh Bèo w/ dipping sauce.
Image by: A. Nguyen

It's all about FOOD+CULTURE on this "New Website" folks. Educate yourself with foods by exploring new cultures and traditions, expand your palate friends!

This special feature and/or spotlight is to introduce a particular dish that's very exciting for me; learning about this Vietnamese dish brought me joy and amazement. This dish is considered to be a very popular Vietnamese #streetfood and needs to be introduced to my followers and food friends.

Furthermore, this idea came about because I have a awesome friend and foodista that we usually share magnificent foods ideas, recipes, and cocktails on social media. Yes, my people you can actually develop authentic real-friends online. The great Mr. Nguyen (a very famous Vietnamese last name by the way). He shared this amazing dish with me that's called Vietnamese Bánh bèo.

A snip from Mr. Nguyen dish.

I'm a truly passionate for experiencing this new food+culture....this traditional dish is composed of a ( steamed rice cake made of rice flour, tapioca flour ), dried shrimps, crispy pork skin, scallion oil, and dipping sauce for the dunk! #YUMISOYUM

This sounds amazing and flavorful right? I can't wait to try it in a Vietnamese restaurant in New York City (any suggestion drop a comment below). I've consider it my mission to look for this dish, try it, and to make it myself, why not, I love the challenge ?

RECOMMENDATION: One of my favorite Vietnamese dishes is the "THIT HEO NUONG XA" Vietnamese Lemongrass Grilled Pork Chops--- Ufff, it's Amazing!!!



To finalize, with Mr.Nguyen permission, he expressed a bit further about what it signifies for him growing up when it comes to #CulturalFood .... and well said by the way my friend! In our constant dialogues about foods, we've agreed that there's too many insensitivity when it comes to different types of cuisines. If I may say, especially when the food appears differently, there's a thing that is called being respectful for other people's backgrounds, traditions, and culture.

For instance, #Cuisines are judge because of how it looks, how it smell differently, or perhaps because it doesn't look familiar... Well, it is so wrong in so many levels, this is called ignorance my friends. Don't let culture bite you at the end- Yikes!

Expressing Cultural Food POV.
Point Of View: Mr. Nguyen IG Post.

Spring Onions: Intense/stronger flavor and sweeter than scallions.

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