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An incredible "traditional" recipe with a very different flavor profile for sweet plantains or maduros. This YUM+ twist recipe... brings out the caramelization process of sweet plantains with a push of elegance that's flavored with Coconut Oil, Butter and Ground Cloves-- YUM!!!

Sweet Plantains is a perfect side-dish for dinner.
Caramelized Coconut Clove Sweet Plantains w/ Pork and Rice dish.

Do you love sweet plantains? or maduros? If so, you need to try this recipe soon!

Well many folks are very familiar now with this product ( a fruit ) YES... plantains are fruits, even the green one's my friend... although "Tostones (the green kind) are made to be crunchy and salty" . Moreover, this recipe will level-up the flavors of this "banana" as of some of you may called it too. Plantains or bananas is rich in potassium ( a good source of electrolytes just like coconut ) and rich in fibers which means perfect for your gut. Remember that balance is the key to a good nutrition.

Furthermore, many where asking on Instagram @iso.rapalo (please add me) ...that they wanted and needed this recipe; and I told them I will post it up on my food blog. Well, that day has arrived, it's super easy and quick to cook just follow the reels video on my feed if you prefer the visual aspect of making this delicious sweet-plantains recipe. But the recipe is below friends, ENJOY !

Thank you for your support #foodlovers :)

(Disclosure: You can used ground cloves or whole cloves for the flavor, as a reminder clove is a very aromatic spice, which also contains great fiber, mineral, vitamins and most of all a delicious spice.)


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