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Yum+ this is a perfect recipe for Oats & Almonds lovers!

Hello my dear #foodlovers,

This #recipe was pretty quick and amazing to create! And everyone should try it, especially those of you that need some fiber in your gut-system (wink-wink). Below you can find more details about what I did in the process of inventing this recipe.

As always, I make things from scratch and use premium quality ingredients. I was inspired by the National Day of Oats Muffins that took place on 12/19. As the year comes to an end, I wanted to give my readers the last recipe of the year with much love. Disclosure, next year (2023) some recipes will be "for purchase only" to help me maintain this blog. It is time to ISO+VEST my friends in the content that you love. As always, I would appreciate your support, and on a final note: THANK YOU!



THE TECHNIQUE: Used *DIY Oats Flour with Almond Flour while combing (2) different toppings discussed below and featured on the images.

THE MOISTURE + BINDER: I used as a moisture barrier Avocado Oil and Butter and the binder eggs. These muffins are not sweet at all, the sugar is very well-balanced, especially because of the toppings I tend not to sweeten my desserts a lot.


1) Oats crumbles made with Sprouted Oats, Ghee, Brown Sugar, Vanilla and Sea Salt.

2) Raw Almonds and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.

THE FLAVOR "RESULTS": These muffins were very moist, super tasty, although I did use gluten-free sprouted oats, on that note, I can really taste the hearty and excellent source of fiber on these. The spices (nutmeg and cinnamon also gives these muffins a kick of warmth of love and a reminder that cold days are coming). As a first test, we really enjoyed these muffins, perfect for kids, and adults.


I hope all of you can make these...They are scrumptious! If you enjoyed these, please share them with me. We take pride in our work and research and would like our food fans to keep supporting us in this approaching NEW YEAR 2023.

Thank you once again for your support and liking #YUMISOYUM #FoodCultureLifestyle Content.



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