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October's Issue No. 2


Autumn Is finally here my friends!!! And it's harvest time y'all, where beautiful fresh produce is offer to the city-dwellers that never sleeps. I can't wait to see what the local-farmers market have in stock for us New Yorkers- #YumIsoYum. On that note, let's discuss the top essentials items for this season!

Full Disclosure: This list is based on my wants and needs, it's based on my lifestyle.

1. Sweaters

Style of Choice:

- Oversized Sweater

- Sweater Vests (90's Fashion Style)

- Bold Color Mock-neck/ ribbed turtlenecks

- Cable Knit Cardigans or Pancho

- Crochet Knit Sweater

- Collard Split Neck (90's Fashion Style)


2. CANDLES (Autumn)

- Sugar Cookies

- Teakwood

- Autumn Leaves

- Autumn Spices

- Apple+Cinnamon

- Honey-crisp Apple

- Eucalyptus+Sage

(Please read the ingredients of you candles to avoid any harmful chemicals)



Science Fiction

Fifty Words By Asha Lemmie

Earthlings: A Novel By Sayaka Murata

White Ive By Susie Yang


- The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

- The Psychology of Money By Morgan Housel

Cookbooks: (Want and Needs)

- Life is What you Baked it By Vallary Lomas

- The Latin American Cookbook By Virgilio Martínez and Nicholas Gill

- Korean Vegan By Joanne Lee Molinaro

- Baking with Dorie By Dorie Greenspan

- Black Food By Bryant Terry

- New Native Kitchen: Celebrating Modern Kitchen of the American Indian By Freddie Bitsoie and James O. Fraioli


4. Baking Pumpkin & Apples Everything!

- Apple Empanadas

- Pumpkin Empanadas

- Pumpkin Cheesecake+Flan

- Apple Cinnamon Rolls

- Apple Butter Spread

- Apple Crisps


5. Cozy Socks + Cozy Scarves

(I'm an accessories fanatic when it comes to colorful soft-cozy-socks and scarves the list can run miles and miles.... FYI: just get some fun accessories for this Autumn cozy cool nights.)


6. Soups Season begins!

- Reboot of a Chicken Noodle Soup

- Sancocho (Caribbean Stew)

- Chicken + Ginger Ramen

- Bone Broth

- Squash+Black Bean Soup

- Tomato Soup

- Beef Stew Soup


"Oh hello, welcome autumn you are finally here! Thank you for giving us a break from that muggy, stuffy,
yucky hot-concrete brutal summer weather in New York City. The crisp fresh-air and the smell of cinnamon and other spices everywhere... reminds me of apple picking and a peaceful hikes on the Adirondacks Mountains,
ending the day with baking a fresh apple-pies on a chilly cozy Sunday night. Oh welcome autumn and make sure you treat us right! " -I.S.

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