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2024 #BreakThatFast :The New #Breakfast Segment Featuring a (high-protein) dish.

"New" Break That Fast: Breakfast !
Green Eggs, Sprouted Grains Toast, Cafe con Leche, andCantaloupe +Kiwi Fruit

Happy 2024 & ENJOY


Hello & Hola Foodies Friends + Familia...

Today, I'm sharing with you all, a quick recipe called "BEST FLUFFIEST GREEN EGGS." It's one of my favorite (high-protein) dishes of all times. This is how I broke my fasting this morning (ha ha ha, I dreamt about this dish and I had to make it asap )... the best part was that it was super fluffy, a complete healthy meal, very nutritious and a delicious way how to start day - #YUMISOYUM .

Below please find the recipe of the BEST FLUFFIEST GREEN EGGS #BREAKTHATFAST !

  • Premium Eggs

  • Organic Spinach

  • Milk ( or Plant-based Milk)

  • Sautéed Organic Mushrooms (Optional)

  • Cheese (your choice)

  • Salt + Pepper

  • Bonus Flavor: Garlic Powder

Disclosure about my COMPLETE Meal: As you can tell by the image above, I made myself a fruit salad of Cantaloupes+Kiwi fruit salad, Cafe Con Leche (coffee + milk) and my fluffiest green eggs with grilled/ sautéed mushrooms and cheese accompany by sprouted grain toasts with butter. #YUMISOYUM :)

Easy egg recipe
Fluffiest Green Eggs Recipe

NOTE: If you create this dish, please make sure to tag me on social media, comment on this post, GO AHEAD ---> share it with me and support this food blog ! I will truly appreciate your support help us grow this food, culture, lifestyle brand.

Please enjoy this new 2024 #BreakThatFast - The New #Breakfast Segment

Featuring a (high-protein) + More green (veggies) dishes.

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