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YUM+ Pumpkin Spice + Banana Smoothie

It's #Pumpkin Season Y'all!!!

Please, let me introduce my quick Pumpkin Spice + Banana Smoothie Recipe... made with nutritious ingredients and great benefits for your body-- I'm talking about your immune system folks.

Here's my outtake on this month's Pumpkin Spice+Banana Smoothie. It's pretty simple to make and very adjustable to your diets restrictions. Unless you don't like pumpkin (winter squash).

Remember, substitute is always available, head on over to your nearest farmer market for better prices and bundles, search for what you enjoy best on this Autumn Season.


Substitutions : You can actually add 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup of GREEK YOGURT to this #recipe will makes it creamier and more #nutritious for your gut health !



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