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All #salts are not created equal, or are they? Let's explore a little deeper into this mineral, that's composed primarily of sodium chloride and an excellent food preserver for years. As you now are aware there are different types of salts folks, and these are #YUMISOYUM top favorite salts to have in your kitchen collection of condiments.

Full disclosure: These are "my" top choices, it's based on my rigorous testing and flavor developments with my savory foods and baking goodies.

Are you ready to learn which are my favorites?


These are #YUMISOYUM Examples of Distinctive Usage

  1. Himalayan Salt: Poultry, Pork, Baked Goods--Cakes and Loaves, smoothies +.

  2. Sea Salt: Seafood, Veggies especially Mushrooms, Broccoli, Potatoes.

  3. Fleur de Sal: Delicate salads, soups, and bake goods (luxurious + finisher).

  4. Flaky Salt: Bake Goods--Cookies, Brownies, Nut Bars, Granolas and meats.

  5. Celtic Sea Salt: Ribeye Steak, fish and more.

    • See above graphics to learn about the colors, textures and flavors.

    • BONUS: Flavored Salts-- Garlic/Onion Salt, Chili Salt, Herb Salt, and Smoked Salt.

Endnote: Experiment in your kitchen, remember this is how we learn by exploring with new ingredients & spices.

What's your favorite type of salt?

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