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A Creative Ideas for April's Food Content Creation

Calendar Creative Engagement Schedule
April's Food Content Engagement Schedule.

Hello Food Community,

Creative ideas for April's "food content creation" it's already set-up on Instagram!

Follow me at @iso.rapalo :)

Go partake on this engagement and exciting content journey:

This month SCHEDULE will cover....

#NewRecipes on MONDAY'S.

#FoodPolls on TUESDAY'S.

( 1st week challenge was... "which one is your favorite fruit Mango or Pineapple?" ) Pineapple won by 1 point... based on this poll favorites / selections, I will create a new recipe for my community / followers - for FREE.

But wait there's more; Now (this week) the food community needs to choose what type of recipe will they want.... for example: Savory dish, Dessert, or Juice/Smoothie.

Tuesday's  Poll(s) Sample
(Example) Tuesday's Poll : MANGO vs. PINEAPPLE

#Lifestyle or #Artwork on WEDNESDAY'S.

Wednesday Sample of Content
(Example) Wednesday's ISO ARTWORK

#ThrowbackRecipe. on THURSDAY'S.

#Bakegoods or #TGIFCocktails on FRIDAY'S.

Cocktail Recipe Sample
(Example) Friday's Cocktail "Coffee AÑEJO Tequila Cocktail.

#Tips #Brunch or simple #PhotoDumps on WEEEKEND !

This Creative Ideas for The Month of April's "Food Content Creation" method is a new way to engage with the food community, I hope you can join me and explore this month's content!


-Iso Rapalo


Instagram Food Content Creation
April's ( IG ) Food Content Creation

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